Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cotton Patch Gospel Opens this week in Hendersonville

April 24 - May 19  Flat Rock Playhouse Downtown presents "Cotton Patch Gospel"  Kicking off the 2013 Downtown Playhouse series is "Cotton Patch Gospel". Called the Greatest Story Ever Retold, this bluegrass musical is a modern retelling of the Gospel in the setting of rural Georgia with songs that are the final, and perhaps best work of Harry Chapin (best known for the number-one hit, “Cat’s in the Cradle”).

Herod is recreated as Governor of Georgia, Caiaphas as Dr. Caiaphas, a member of a board of politicians, and Pilate as a local governor who sentences Jesus and sends him to Lee Correctional Institute. Witness a unique retelling of the story of Jesus, brought to life through bluegrass music and imaginative storytelling.

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