Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Asheville Wine and Food Festival Introduces New Competitions for 2015

2015 brings a New Culinary Excitement to Asheville 

AMUSE and ESSENCE - the newest artesian experience in Asheville. Distilleries, Mixologists and Chefs. The chefs are bringing their best culinary talents and the mixologists are presenting their best creativity. You taste and judge the best chef and best mixologist. 

The top chefs move on to the GRAND TASTING at the US Cellular Center and the top mixologists get to expand their performance at ELIXIR. 

What is AMUSE? AMUSE is culinary artistry and showmanship preselected by the chef and mixologists, intensified by the competition and emphasizing smaller, more intensely flavored courses. “The amuse-bouche is the best way for a great chef to express his or her big ideas in small bites.” May 1, 2015 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Morris Hellenic Cultural Center. 

Why ESSENCE? Essence of Food and Drink can be found in the fusion of flavors making each dish and cocktail unique. Fresh local ingredients are presented for your enjoyment. June 26, 2015 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Morris Hellenic Cultural Center. The list of renown mixologists will again compete to give you the most creative and flavorful spirits to lift yours. From the aperitif to the nightcap, samples will be provided by competitors to give you a taste of regional talent. 

Meet the distilleries in North Carolina, including moonshine from Troy & Sons in Asheville, Cardinal Gin from Southern Artisan Spirits in Kings Mountain, Rum from Muddy River Distillery in Belmot, Apple Moonshine from Petzold Distilleries, Howling Moon in Asheville, and TOPO Organic Spirits from Top of the Hill Distillery in Chapel Hill and more. 

Come and enjoy the food and sample wonderful drinks and spirits. Chefs and Mixologists will compete to see who will be represented at ELIXIR and at the GRAND TASTING. The 2015 ELIXIR event is on Thursday, August 20 and the GRAND TASTING is August 22 at the US Cellular Center. Think of this as Theater. Purchase your tickets today: 

Boilerplate: You will be noshing on award-winning amuse-bouche small plates provided by acclaimed Asheville Chefs for your pleasure. Meet the distilleries producing regionally and national brands and sample their spirits. A host of area bars and regional distillers will be on hand to serve samples of their latest and greatest concoctions. Watch locally recognized mixologists step out from behind the bar and into the spotlight for a mixology competition of craft spirits. 

During AMUSE (May 1) and ESSENCE (June 26), the competing Chefs and Mixologists will be judged by you, the attendee, to determine who will get a chance to be at ELIXIR. You get to enjoy the spirits, the food, and the action. 

Buy your tickets on-line or Contact: Kris Kraft, Festival Director (828) 200-1502 and Melissa Mathews, PR/Marketing (828) 545-2511 or find more information at:   (adults 21+ only).

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